Asheville Moving Company recommend seeing this video before your next move: Family Moving Tips

When it comes to moving, it can be and often is one of the most stressful times in a families lives! I think at no other point in your life is your home, your belongings, and the things that are so familiar to everyday life are EVER so turned upside down! Here is an awesome video to see before your next household move. AND an awesome way to get the family involved to ultimately, have a stress free move. Here is a video filled with great family move tips:

As stated in the video, here is a statement I totally agree with: Don’t agonize, organize! Call a family meeting well in advance and plan your outcome ahead of time. Designate family members to downsize, organize, and pack THEIR space, thus on the other end they are familiar with how their belongings need to be organized in the new home. A useful tip is to have a “Move Calendar” or “Checklist” to better organize the move. A real estate agent is also useful if you need any referrals for services like painters, plumbers, movers, electricians, or hardwood floor refinishers. Prior to move date, gather packing supplies needed for the move. Items like free milk boxes from your grocer, recycled packing supplies like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and wrapping paper. In some case you may want to buy medium and large boxes for pot and pans, stereo equipment and small kitchen appliances. I always suggest labeling boxes as to where the contents come from and what items may be found inside. Another less stressful tip is:  If one knows where the packed boxes will be placed at the new home, he could color code with colored tape. For example, blue tape = garage, red tape = attic and orange tape = storage facility. Linens and hanging clothes are great for trash bags! If you start out early, downsizing also is a good way to save money on moving costs. A garage sale, taking donations to charities, or passing items to family members cuts back on costs of supplies, labor costs during move or requires less space for storage. When a family moving has kids and pets involved, give pet care responsibility to the kids. Its fun for the kids and the pets become less stressed by the sight and sound of a familiar voice. Another thing that is VERY helpful, fun and certainly, less stressful.. Pack an overnight bag for the move as move date arrives. Socks, tooth brushes and soap can be elusive come move date. Even the remotes controls are good items to pack in overnight bags, as they are probably the most common item to get misplaced. Packing the overnight bag is also adventurous to the kids, too! Remember that planning, organizing and getting the family involved is a useful way of making packing and setting up your new household.. less stressful! If you have questions or concerns about moving, or need money saving advice , don’t hesitate to call upon Bruce. We appreciate the work!