Audubon Place Apartments in Asheville




Asheville Moving Company helped a customer move within an apartment complex. You know an apartment complex is good when someone moves from one apartment to another.

Audubon Place Apartments

Our customer has lived in the Audubon Place Apartments, near the airport in Asheville, for almost four years. She is moving from a two bedroom to a three bedroom. She likes the apartments because they are well insulated. Maybe, as we get the last pieces – hopefully – of winter, you think of insulated as keeping the heat in. That is important in your home but when home is in an apartment complex, insulate means you do not hear your neighbors. Another important part of home.

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Pet Friendly

As you heard in the video, Audubon Place is pet friendly. They even have a dog park in the complex. This is great as many apartments do not allow animals.

Local Moving

If you are moving from one apartment to another, from one town to another, or just purchased a piece of furniture from a store that doesn’t deliver, give Asheville Moving Company a call. We do all sizes of moves.