A Friend and Worker Gone Too Soon

Matt Kerley died in an automobile-motorcycle accident early Saturday morning. Matt was only 26 and, being young and probably still thinking he was a bit invisible, he did not have life insurance.

GoFundMe Page Set Up

Clete Flanagan has set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses such as the funeral and memorial service. Matt leaves behind his mother, his father, his stepfather and two daughters, along with two sisters and a brother.

About Matt

Matt worked with us at Asheville Moving Company. He was a good guy and could be depended on. Clete wrote the following on the GoFundMe page.

He loved life.. motorcycles.. and the outdoors! Blunt.. and spoke the truth.. he always told it like it was! A friend or enemy.. you knew either! The shirt off you back he’d give you, if had a dollar.. it was yours if you needed it..! Loved by many.. he’ll be missed by all! Impressions he made.. good, bad, or ugly.. he made them! And ones you’ll never forget!

We want to encourage our customers to go to the GoFundMe page and donate. Many hands make light work. Maybe you met Matt on our job with you. Maybe you didn’t. If everyone gave a little, Matt’s memorial and funeral would be paid for.

Customer Review

We at Asheville Moving Company do not just do the “big” moves. We are willing, if your schedule and ours meld, to do small moving of items also.

Heavy Items Moved Upstairs

Beverly Button of Asheville explains what she needed.

I had some heavy furniture that I needed someone to carry upstairs and called Bruce Hensley after just a bit of Internet research. He set up an appointment for the same day, and brought Jesse and Tommy with him. They communicated timing well and were thorough and professional. I found enough work to keep them all busy for an hour, assembling and dis-assembling. I will definitely call them again. During their time at the house I realized Bruce knows and has worked for many of my neighbors and acquaintances. I was lucky to connect up with them.

Moving isn’t always a long distance

As Beverly explained, moving doesn’t always involve a truck or going a great distance. She simply needed up with heavy items and getting them upstairs. We at Asheville Moving are happy to book small “moves” like this into our days and help you out.


Moving Tip

We at Asheville Moving Company like to make your moves as smooth as possible. Sometimes, a little tip can not only make your move smooth but help you once we’ve left.

Felt Pads

Not only do felt pads keep furniture from scraping up hardwood floors, they also make it easy for you to inch a piece of furniture a little ways once we’ve gone.

Moving Tip Video

What about you?

Do you have a tip that has made a move of yours easier? Do you utilize felt pads? Let us know what you think.

Orr’s Family Restaurant

Asheville Moving Company was in East Flat Rock, just outside Hendersonville, and needed to stop for lunch. We decided to stop at Orr’s Family Restaurant on Spartanburg Highway.

Orr’s Family Restaurant

Orr’s is a multi-cuisine restaurant that is open from 6 am to 3 pm and serves breakfast and lunch.

Clete stopped in for lunch. He had a huge lunch.

Fried Chicken Lunch

Lunch at Orr's

Now, we at Asheville Moving want you all to know all about this great restaurant. They also have a tuna melt and fries that a customer says are simply delicious.

If you are in East Flat Rock, we recommend you stop at Orr’s Family Restaurant, 3228 Spartanburg Highway.

What about you?

Have you ever been to Orr’s? If so, what did you think?

Customer Review – Arden

Barbara, a moving customer, recommends Asheville Moving Company to others. She also recommends Morningstar Storage on Long Shoals Road. Asheville Moving, as Barbara will tell you, is one of the moving companies that Morningstar recommends to its customers.

Customer Testimonial

We Love Our Customers

Here at Asheville Moving Company we love our customers. We value each and every one and appreciate when they recommend us.

Moving Tip for Small Parts/Pieces

Many times small pieces or parts get stuck in any open box. If you are not taping your boxes shut, you may find small pieces can fall out during a move.

Boxes ShiftShop Broom

Regardless of how carefully a moving truck gets packed, things will shift. When a box that is just closed but not taped shifts, you may find small parts fall out of these boxes. Sometimes these pieces get left in the moving truck. When you return your truck if you rented one on your own or before the moving company leaves with their truck, ask that the truck be swept out.

Finding Small Pieces


Mike’s on Main

We here at Asheville Moving Company like to recommend local businesses that we have tried and like. So today, we are going to tell you all about Mike’s on Main, Sandwich and Soda Shoppe on North Main in Hendersonville, NC.

Breakfast and Lunch

Food & MenuMike’s On Main offers homemade breakfast favorites: eggs cooked to order, omelets, French toast, biscuits, sausage, bacon, ham and the best potatoes around. For lunch there are homemade soups, salads, burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings. There is also a wide selection of sandwiches, including the popular triple decker club, Reuben, patty melt, grilled cheese and chicken salad. There is also a kids’ menu for the little ones. You can enjoy your meal at a booth, a table, the Coca Cola counter or the historic soda fountain and make free selections of your favorite oldies on the jukebox. And, don’t forget to save room for a delicious treat from the Old Fashioned Treats menu.

You can find all of Mike’s menus in one place on the menu page.



About Mike’s on Main

The building that houses Mike’s on Main was built in 1900. It was originally run as a pharmacy by Dr. William Hicks Justus. At some point prior to selling the business in 1957, a soda fountain was installed. This made the pharmacy well known throughout Western North Carolina.

There is a Coca Cola mural on the side of the building that has been repainted. This helps make the building itself one of the most photographed buildings in Hendersonville.

Hours and Special Days

Food at Mike'sMike’s on Main is open Monday through Friday from 7 am until 4 pm. Saturdays it opens at 7:30 am and closes at 5 pm. Sundays it doesn’t open until 8 am and closes at 5 pm. With the exception of Fourth of July, Mike’s will be open late when there are downtown events. It closes at 3 pm on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. It is not open at all on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What We Think

Asheville Moving Company thinks everyone should come and experience Mike’s on Main in Hendersonville. The food is great! The company and service are great! The prices are reasonable.

Customer Recommendation – North Weaverville, NC

Back in 2016, Asheville Moving Company helped move antiques from a North Weaverville location. You can find out what Bill Honeycutt, the customer, had to say.


Tips for Winter Moves

When you move in winter, you probably have a lot of extra precautions to take. Here are some great tips.

Tips for Winter Moves

Keep an eye on the weather.

You need to know what the travel between your old home and your new one will be. Conditions may make driving impossible. They may make moving your items from your home harder for movers. Keep the forecast at both ends of the move in the back of your mind as the moving day approaches.

Clear all sidewalks, driveways and stairs.

You probably dislike walking on ice. Imagine how a mover, someone who is trying to take as much care as possible with your belongings, feels about having to carry your precious clock on ice. Make sure you have shoveled prior to the movers arrival and keep the shovel handy if it is suppose to snow more on moving day.

Protect the inside of your homes.

All movers take care to not track the outside into your home. The problem comes in winter that it is not always possible to get shoes/boots 100% snow/ice free. To keep your home in the best shape possible, consider splitting some boxes open to cover your floor. Another option is plastic sheeting. The final, and probably most expensive option is carpet remnants. All of these will collect the snow and ice from the boots of those moving your belongings.

Extra gloves are good.

GlovesIf it is going to be snowing during your move, show a bit of compassion to your movers – whether professionals or your friends. Pick up a few extra pairs of gloves on a trip to the dollar store. That way no one will need to handle your boxes or furniture with wet gloves.

Lastly, consider having hot beverages on hand.

Snow usually comes with cold weather. Even a professional mover would be grateful for a hot beverage – coffee, cocoa, tea, cider – when moving your items in the cold. Helping those who are helping you is a great way to show how much you appreciate the work being done.

Customer Review from Greenville, SC

Tamyra F. lives in Greenville, SC and reviews businesses on Yelp.com.

What Tamyra Says about Asheville Moving Company

“Wonderful moving experience!! These guys are clean and professional.  They carefully wrapped each piece of furniture. Communication was great.  They worked with our schedule.  Bruce kept things going smoothly.   I would most definitely recommend them and I will be calling them again.”

You can find the original review here.

About Reviews

As with all small, local businesses, we appreciate our customers. We value each family’s move and want to make it the best possible. If you work with us, please leave a review on Yelp.com or on our Facebook page.