Looking for Furniture in Waynesville?

Asheville Moving Company had the privilege of being in Waynesville around the 12th of December.


Scallywag’s Fine Furniture Consignments is an antique/vintage/consignment furniture store in Waynesville, North Carolina. It offers high quality used furniture at prices well below new cost.


The store is open Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. 


Scallywag’s is located just west of Waynesville. It is conveniently on Hwy. 74 as you head towards Sylva (US 19/23 bypass) between mile markers 96 and 95. It is across from the “Barber Orchard.” For GPS purposes, the street address is 171-A Muse Business Park.


furnitureScallywag’s offers its customers gently used furniture pieces and accessories of all styles and types. It will offer your fine and heirloom furniture to the public and make you money in the process. You can visit Scallywag’s website to get an idea of what is available currently.


Where Does Asheville Moving Company Fit In?

Do you have large pieces of furniture you would like to consign at Scallywag’s but no way to get the items to the store? Did you just by a large piece at the store and want special care taken when moving it to your home?

Asheville Moving Company will move furniture from your home to Scallywag’s or from Scallywag’s to your home. Give Bruce a call at (828)713-1999 to set up an appointment.

The Moving Industry is Changing

In years past, moving was all about calling a moving company and having them pack and move your belongings. Nowadays, there are so many options.

Moving Using Go-Minis

Most large moving companies want nothing to do with helping you unload something you have packed yourself. But some moves just require this type of a move. When you are building a home, frequently the move-in date fluctuates. With these fluctuations, moving becomes difficult.

Go-Minis of Asheville is a locally owned portable storage and moving system. You can pack your own belongings if you want. Or, you could get Asheville Moving Company to pack them for you. The belongings can be stored and then the portable storage unit arrives at your new location.


Many people would prefer to not have to unpack when moving. Packing your own belongings seems to give you a feeling of control but by the time you get to the unpacking portion of a move, people are over it.



Consider Asheville Moving Company the next time you have a portable storage unit to unpack.

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