Customer Review

Asheville Moving Company values its customers and their reviews.

December Move

James Harvey used the Asheville Moving Company and wrote the following review in December of 2017.

I used them on Friday December 14, 2017. I had a 3 bedroom, 2nd floor apartment with 2 men and a truck with Asheville moving company. At the same time they were moving the apartment I also had the same company moving my 10’ x 25’ storage unit. One 40’ truck & one 25’ truck. 2 trucks and 5 men moved all my stuff in 6 hours. They were very polite, fast, didn’t smoke and were great to work with. I would definitely recommend & use them again.

Qualities to Look For

As James say of Asheville Moving, you should look for these qualities in your movers – polite, fast, non-smokers. James also, and probably most important, says he will use them again.