Open Me First Boxes

Open Me FIrst Boxes

Open Me First Boxes


On your last move, do you remember which boxes had this or that? Were you searching for those needed items? This time, start a few ‘Open Me First Boxes‘ that you can place much needed items that you will need access to as soon as you arrive. You can add ‘kitchen’ or ‘bath’ to the box as well. That way you will know what to open first when the boxes come off the truck.

Ask your movers to place those boxes at the back of the truck to remove first. This way you will know where they are and can get at them fast.

You may want a Kitchen Open Me First box with things like your coffee pot, filters and coffee grounds. And maybe some silver ware and plates, and cups, along with foil and plastic wrap. A frying pan, and dish soap would be good as well.

A Bathroom Open Me First box may have the shower curtain and rings, and bath map, soap and and toilet paper, and a first aid kit (band aides, alcohol or peroxide and aspirin). Also include a towel and wash cloth for each person, along with a spare.

Your kids may each want an Open Me First Box for their favorite items. And of course a box for the family pet.

You will definitely need a tool Open Me First box, with a hammer, flat head and philips screw driver, measuring tape, duct tape, a flash light, and picture hangers. Include anything else you may think important.

Being a little organized goes a long way  in making  your arrival easier.

Jerri McCombs, Guest Writer