Customer Review

We at Asheville Moving Company do not just do the “big” moves. We are willing, if your schedule and ours meld, to do small moving of items also.

Heavy Items Moved Upstairs

Beverly Button of Asheville explains what she needed.

I had some heavy furniture that I needed someone to carry upstairs and called Bruce Hensley after just a bit of Internet research. He set up an appointment for the same day, and brought Jesse and Tommy with him. They communicated timing well and were thorough and professional. I found enough work to keep them all busy for an hour, assembling and dis-assembling. I will definitely call them again. During their time at the house I realized Bruce knows and has worked for many of my neighbors and acquaintances. I was lucky to connect up with them.

Moving isn’t always a long distance

As Beverly explained, moving doesn’t always involve a truck or going a great distance. She simply needed up with heavy items and getting them upstairs. We at Asheville Moving are happy to book small “moves” like this into our days and help you out.