Moving Without Furniture – A Local Recommendation

Moving Without Furniture

Asheville Habitat Re-StoreMany people decide it is less stressful to move without moving furniture. This is especially true if your move is going to be a great distance. There are many things to consider and here in Asheville, a great place to look for that furniture once you get here is the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.


No Place to Sit, Sleep or Eat

When you move without your furniture, it may seem very empty when you first get to your new location. What better Asheville Habitat for Humanity Re-Storethan a one stop shop with great prices that benefits the new community you have moved to? Located on Meadow Road near the Biltmore Village area of Asheville, you will find the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. They have everything from sofas to dining room tables to dressers to beds. Basically, anything you need can probably be found at The Re-Store.



Take a Tour of The Re-Store

Getting the Furniture to Your New Place

Once you’ve picked out your new-to-you furniture, you will need to get it to your new place. This is where Local Guys Moving comes in. We can pick up your purchases and deliver them to your new home.