The Customer Deserves A Good Move

Many people have horror stories to tell about moving. We at Asheville Moving Company want to make sure that these stories disappear.

The Bad and The Ugly

In August of this year, a customer of ours came to us in a fairly tough spot. She had hired other movers who kept pushing off the time of arrival and not returning calls. In her words,

I booked movers  from for this date to load my UHaul. I wish I would have known the ridiculousness, and LACK of professionalism shown by A. The time was 9 AM when he texted thanking me for choosing them and asking for my address, the ONE text that actually has punctuation. I thought it was quite strange as I have been booked PROFESSIONALS from five times since August 2016, that the guy didn’t call or ask me what time I needed them to be there. As I clearly marked the time I needed them on

Hmm…I don’t know about anyone else, but in this matter of importance, I like speaking to a live person, so I called. No answer. Okay. Strange, even if they were eating, the movers would always pick up in the past. No matter what. I texted him back a detailed message stating that I needed them at my apartment at 11:30 am, a list of heavy items that needs to be moved, the address, and asked if anyone knew how to disconnect the washer & dryer. . I’m sure you know exactly where this is going. Now, 11:30 AM is not that far off from 9 AM. NO RESPOND from him UNTIL 11:12 AM. Wow, are you serious right about now? I could have booked another mover! Antonio states that he is finishing up a job. Well, in the two hours and something of waiting for him, I managed to disconnected the washer and dryer myself. 11:30 comes rolling around. NO WORD. He does not even pick up the phone when I call! I texted him around 12:16 PM, asking if they were still coming since it’s starting to rain and I CLEARLY NEEDED THEM at my place at 11:30 AM. Allowing them the chance to finish, grab lunch, and head my way.

So what do you think happened? Antonio over there, decides to text me back 12:48 PM (Yup!), and states that they are moving a piano and he won’t get to me for an hour an a half. States it’ll be about 3 (as in 3 PM) or so before he gets there. Okay, so you were or weren’t finishing up that job, because finishing up meant being done. It is clearly 1.5 hour later after that text. That is NOT FINISHING up a job. The guy flat out LIED to me. Bare in mind all this texting and he is texting me as if I’m some chump. As you all know, moving day, you want to be out. You have people waiting on you. Or…oh hey look, a four hour drive waiting for you. I made it very clear to him that I needed leave by 3:30 PM. (Not his problem apparently).

All that aggravation and dealing with some invisible UNPROFESSIONAL LIAR, I told him I am cancelling the order. Guess what? Never seen him text back so fast asking if I’m sure and that he can do it after or another time. If you didn’t text me back and being a complete DB about wasting my time and stringing me along for almost three hours, you don’t deserve a reply or my business. 15 minutes til 2 PM. I cannot believe the @#$%#!~# wasted my time!!!


The Good

We frantically searched the web and prayed there were movers available ASAP. We LUCKED out with Bruce and Asheville Moving Company!!!

I explained to Bruce what happened and he immediate took action. The 300$ I paid was WELL WORTH the money and time saved. It was for two hours BUT GUESS WHAT y’all?!?! They finished the job within an hour and 10 minutes!!! Bruce picked up, on the first call mind you, and stated that someone will be at my house within 15 minutes. Oh my gosh, guess what? Eric appeared at my house ON TIME and within 15 minutes!!! He introduced himself and asked which of the items are important for us to get on the UHaul. He IMMEDIATELY started loading. How many movers do you know actually does this without their co-workers? None, and I have hired five sets of movers within a one year time frame! I was so impressed!!! Clete and Matt came and started loading as well. I met Mr. Clete whilst renting a UHaul previously and we chatted up a storm. They were so effective that a two hour job took an hour and 10 minutes!!! Everything was packed tight in the UHaul and not one item was damaged during transport.


I want to send the biggest THANK YOU TO BRUCE, ERIC, CLETE, and MATT for RESCUING me that day. I am forever grateful!!! Moving is extremely stressful and these gentlemen made it smooth! I wish I knew that they pack and transport as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!



This review was taken from our Yelp page. You can find others there but we will be sharing them with you as we want you to understand that we have your best move in mind when you choose Asheville Moving Company.

Special thanks to this customer and we are happy she got on the road when she needed to for this August move.