Moving Tip

We at Asheville Moving Company like to make your moves as smooth as possible. Sometimes, a little tip can not only make your move smooth but help you once we’ve left.

Felt Pads

Not only do felt pads keep furniture from scraping up hardwood floors, they also make it easy for you to inch a piece of furniture a little ways once we’ve gone.

Moving Tip Video

What about you?

Do you have a tip that has made a move of yours easier? Do you utilize felt pads? Let us know what you think.

Moving Tip for Small Parts/Pieces

Many times small pieces or parts get stuck in any open box. If you are not taping your boxes shut, you may find small pieces can fall out during a move.

Boxes ShiftShop Broom

Regardless of how carefully a moving truck gets packed, things will shift. When a box that is just closed but not taped shifts, you may find small parts fall out of these boxes. Sometimes these pieces get left in the moving truck. When you return your truck if you rented one on your own or before the moving company leaves with their truck, ask that the truck be swept out.

Finding Small Pieces


Tips for Winter Moves

When you move in winter, you probably have a lot of extra precautions to take. Here are some great tips.

Tips for Winter Moves

Keep an eye on the weather.

You need to know what the travel between your old home and your new one will be. Conditions may make driving impossible. They may make moving your items from your home harder for movers. Keep the forecast at both ends of the move in the back of your mind as the moving day approaches.

Clear all sidewalks, driveways and stairs.

You probably dislike walking on ice. Imagine how a mover, someone who is trying to take as much care as possible with your belongings, feels about having to carry your precious clock on ice. Make sure you have shoveled prior to the movers arrival and keep the shovel handy if it is suppose to snow more on moving day.

Protect the inside of your homes.

All movers take care to not track the outside into your home. The problem comes in winter that it is not always possible to get shoes/boots 100% snow/ice free. To keep your home in the best shape possible, consider splitting some boxes open to cover your floor. Another option is plastic sheeting. The final, and probably most expensive option is carpet remnants. All of these will collect the snow and ice from the boots of those moving your belongings.

Extra gloves are good.

GlovesIf it is going to be snowing during your move, show a bit of compassion to your movers – whether professionals or your friends. Pick up a few extra pairs of gloves on a trip to the dollar store. That way no one will need to handle your boxes or furniture with wet gloves.

Lastly, consider having hot beverages on hand.

Snow usually comes with cold weather. Even a professional mover would be grateful for a hot beverage – coffee, cocoa, tea, cider – when moving your items in the cold. Helping those who are helping you is a great way to show how much you appreciate the work being done.

We Recommend PODS

Asheville Moving Company recommends P.O.D.S.


Use P.O.D.S. for

  • short term storage
  • remodeling storage
  • a regular move

P.O.D.S. are portable, on demand storage. Major trucking companies have been getting into this arena for years. YouEmpty PODS have total control over this type of a move.

Control Over Your Move

Find the P.O.D.S. company you want to use and make arrangements for them to drop off a unit, or how ever many you need. You have the ability to load on your own time table. Or you can hire a company like Asheville Moving to load for you.

Moving Tips

Some tips for moving include:

  • Load big, heavy dressers on the bottom, making sure they have a sturdy base.Writing on Shrink Wrap
  • Load boxes on top of these to level out the load.
  • Put fragile chairs on the boxes.
  • Lampshades and linens, then, go in plastic bags on the chairs.

You MUST make notes in permanent marker, such as Sharpie, on shrink wrap for reminders of hidden glass and delicate items. You want to remember where these are once they are out of sight.

How We Can Help

Packed PODSAsheville Moving Company will provide moving help and helpers to load or unload your P.O.D.S. unit. We are efficient, dependable, personable and reputable. Call Bruce today at (828)713-1999.


Moving Tip: Truck Ramps

Before you pack your first box…

Watch this video to start the move off right!

Open Me First Boxes

Open Me FIrst Boxes

Open Me First Boxes


On your last move, do you remember which boxes had this or that? Were you searching for those needed items? This time, start a few ‘Open Me First Boxes‘ that you can place much needed items that you will need access to as soon as you arrive. You can add ‘kitchen’ or ‘bath’ to the box as well. That way you will know what to open first when the boxes come off the truck.

Ask your movers to place those boxes at the back of the truck to remove first. This way you will know where they are and can get at them fast.

You may want a Kitchen Open Me First box with things like your coffee pot, filters and coffee grounds. And maybe some silver ware and plates, and cups, along with foil and plastic wrap. A frying pan, and dish soap would be good as well.

A Bathroom Open Me First box may have the shower curtain and rings, and bath map, soap and and toilet paper, and a first aid kit (band aides, alcohol or peroxide and aspirin). Also include a towel and wash cloth for each person, along with a spare.

Your kids may each want an Open Me First Box for their favorite items. And of course a box for the family pet.

You will definitely need a tool Open Me First box, with a hammer, flat head and philips screw driver, measuring tape, duct tape, a flash light, and picture hangers. Include anything else you may think important.

Being a little organized goes a long way  in making  your arrival easier.

Jerri McCombs, Guest Writer

Packing Plates



If you are packing items yourself and want to ensure that your plates are protected, try this trick. Place paper plates in between each plate, making sure that the plate edges do not touch when pressure is applied to the stack.

Different style plates will require different amounts of paper plates. Than wrap several plates at a time this way.

Once you arrive at your new home, you can use the paper plates for the first few days to give yourself a break from washing dishes as you work unpacking, giving them a dual purpose!