We Recommend PODS

Asheville Moving Company recommends P.O.D.S.


Use P.O.D.S. for

  • short term storage
  • remodeling storage
  • a regular move

P.O.D.S. are portable, on demand storage. Major trucking companies have been getting into this arena for years. YouEmpty PODS have total control over this type of a move.

Control Over Your Move

Find the P.O.D.S. company you want to use and make arrangements for them to drop off a unit, or how ever many you need. You have the ability to load on your own time table. Or you can hire a company like Asheville Moving to load for you.

Moving Tips

Some tips for moving include:

  • Load big, heavy dressers on the bottom, making sure they have a sturdy base.Writing on Shrink Wrap
  • Load boxes on top of these to level out the load.
  • Put fragile chairs on the boxes.
  • Lampshades and linens, then, go in plastic bags on the chairs.

You MUST make notes in permanent marker, such as Sharpie, on shrink wrap for reminders of hidden glass and delicate items. You want to remember where these are once they are out of sight.

How We Can Help

Packed PODSAsheville Moving Company will provide moving help and helpers to load or unload your P.O.D.S. unit. We are efficient, dependable, personable and reputable. Call Bruce today at (828)713-1999.


The Moving Industry is Changing

In years past, moving was all about calling a moving company and having them pack and move your belongings. Nowadays, there are so many options.

Moving Using Go-Minis

Most large moving companies want nothing to do with helping you unload something you have packed yourself. But some moves just require this type of a move. When you are building a home, frequently the move-in date fluctuates. With these fluctuations, moving becomes difficult.

Go-Minis of Asheville is a locally owned portable storage and moving system. You can pack your own belongings if you want. Or, you could get Asheville Moving Company to pack them for you. The belongings can be stored and then the portable storage unit arrives at your new location.


Many people would prefer to not have to unpack when moving. Packing your own belongings seems to give you a feeling of control but by the time you get to the unpacking portion of a move, people are over it.



Consider Asheville Moving Company the next time you have a portable storage unit to unpack.