Asheville Moving Company Recommends Auto Safe Towing

Local! We want you all to stay local with your business. Money spent at local businesses gets put back into the local economy.

Towing Company

Asheville Moving Company recommends Auto Safe Towing in Asheville. We have used this towing company because, like you, we are human. We lock keys in trucks and need to use them the next morning.

Auto Safe Towing was quick getting to us and we did not have to call customers to push back appointments.


Only Human

While we want you all to think we are superhuman and can move your items with little effort, the truth is we are only human. Sometimes that means we run on too little gas. This particular day it meant we accidentally locked the keys in the truck.

When was the last time you went out to your car and had just enough gas to get to the gas station? When was the last time you locked your keys in your car and hadn’t made a spare key yet? These are human happenings. We here at Asheville Moving are human.

Local Businesses

We chose a local towing company to help us out with getting into the truck without the keys. We like to keep our money local as it recycles into the local economy.